We help to create moments that matter

We are a family-owned and operated importing and distributing business located in Tasmania. We design and coordinate the manufacture of our saunas and hot tubs, as well as import, sell and provide after-sale support. 

We are passionate about saunas and hot tubs and the health and well-being that is associated with them. We are keen to share the culture and create a healthier community that enjoys healthier life. 

Our mission is to connect people by providing affordable wellness products and services designed to improve the quality of life. 

Our portfolio covers indoor and outdoor setups and we will help you to create a solution that meets your needs.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standard and yet at an accessible price.

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. 

Our Story

When our family moved to Australia we realised that one of the few things we miss the most was a sauna! So, we decided that we need to build one ASAP. The project although took a while when finished allowed us to immerse and to reestablish that fantastic sauna experience and culture that lived in our memories.

Having it back, we started to understand why we missed it so much. With all the associated health benefits saunas and hot tubs are some of the few settings where we can truly unwind and connect with those who matter to us. This is particularly important now when we spend so much time on devices and gadgets, in the offices and traffics navigating our busy lives.

Let’s live in the moments that matter

Artem and Elena

Founders and Owners

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