1) Where the saunas and hot tubs are made? 

All saunas and hot tubs are designed by our team, while manufactured in China and in Estonia. The timber is sourced by us from Canada and shipped to the factory in China or Estonia for local manufacture. 
Similarly, all firewood heaters are designed by our team and manufactured to our specifications in China. 

2) Do saunas and hot tubs come assembled or come as a kit? 

Unless you request otherwise all saunas and hot tubs come in a kit form and will require some assembly. It is hard to comment on how easy it is to assemble a tub or a sauna as everyone has a different level of skill and ability to work on tools. In general, if you have had experience building a deck, or putting a shed together you should be fine. However, there could still be some product-specific challenges. Each kit comes with a manual on how to assemble the product. We will also supply a link to an assembly video as well as will be available for any questions via the phone. 

3) How much will be the cost of shipping? 

We can arrange to ship the kit Australia-wide. There are several shipping companies that can assist us with shipping. The cost of shipping is a transparent cost (invoice) that we will forward to the customer. The cost of shipping will depend on the distance and the size of the package. If delivered to the warehouse of a major city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) the cost will be significantly smaller than if delivered to the address. 
Average shipping costs to major cities: 
Melbourne – $500-700  
Sydney – $700-900
Brisbane – $800-1200

4) What timber is used for the manufacture of saunas and hot tubs? 

We utilise premium Western Red Cedar for our Hot Tubs and Saunas, ensuring the highest quality. Additionally, we offer saunas made of Spruce. To maximise both durability and the low-density properties of cedar, spruce, thermo-treated spruce, and thermo-treated pine, we use staves with a thickness of 38 mm. This thickness strikes a balance that minimizes environmental impact and cost while delivering outstanding performance.

5) Do all hot tubs have seats/benches inside them? 

Yes, all hot tubs that we manufacture come with benches inside. Please note, that the hot tubs with internal heaters have fewer seating benches due to some space taken by the heater.

6) Do I need to purchase a pump to pump the water through the heater of the hot tub?

All hot tubs that we supply are sufficient to be able to heat the water. You will not need to buy anything else to run the setup. 
There are three hot tub designs that we make: 
1) External heater with thermosyphon principle of operation 
2) Internal heater with heat convection/conduction principle of operation  
3) External heater with the pump and filtration system
You could choose any of the three. 

7) Are there any reviews or feedbacks about your business? 

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our products and service. We are always eager to hear constructive feedback and suggestions on how we can improve. You could check our feedback on Google by searching Shym Sauna’s and Spas. We also created a Facebook page to support our mission. 
Please visit our Facebook Page to leave feedback and check reviews from our customers.  

8) Could please share some pictures of your projects and installations? 

Yes, please visit Our Projects Gallery for some pictures of our projects. We continuously update the page as we receive pictures from our customers. 

9)    Does the sauna come with internal lighting options? 

Most of our saunas will come with a lamp that can be installed inside or outside the sauna. The lamp will provide a comfortable ambiance if installed under the bench inside.

10)  What is the recommended fuse amperage/size for the heater to maintain safety but minimise trips? 

All heaters must be connected by qualified electricians and the warranty will be voided if this requirement is not followed. Subject to the wire size, it should be anticipated that 4.5 kW heater will require 25-30 Amp breaker, while 6 kW will require 30 Amp breaker. Once again, this needs to be advised by a qualified electrician. 

11)  What are the warranty periods for the sauna and heater? 

Every sauna and heater we sell comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that covers defects associated with the manufacture of the product.

12)  What are the key differences between the different timbers we use? 

The key differences between the timbers we use are as follows:
Western Red Cedar:
Renowned for its natural resistance to decay and insects.
Exceptional heat retention properties, making it ideal for saunas and hot tubs.
Aromatic scent adds to the overall sauna experience.
Aesthetic appeal with a reddish-brown hue and attractive grain patterns.
Known for its strength and durability.
Slightly lighter in color compared to cedar, with a pale cream to yellowish tint.
Offers a cost-effective alternative while maintaining quality.
Thermo Treated Spruce:
Enhanced durability and resistance to decay due to the thermal treatment process.
Retains the strength of spruce while improving its longevity.
Thermo Treated Pine:
Similar to thermo-treated spruce, it undergoes a thermal treatment process.
Improved resistance to decay and insects, making it a long-lasting choice.
Pine typically has a lighter color compared to spruce.
Each timber has its unique qualities, catering to different preferences and requirements while ensuring quality and longevity in our saunas and hot tubs.

13)  What are the options and how to prepare the ground for the barrel sauna?    

Preparing the ground for a barrel sauna is an important step to ensure the sauna is stable, level, and safe. Here are some ground preparation options:

Concrete Pad: Pouring a concrete pad is a popular choice. It provides a solid and level surface for your sauna. Make sure it’s slightly larger than the base of your sauna to accommodate any potential expansions in the future and safe access of the sauna.
Deck or Platform: If you have an existing deck or platform that can support the weight of the sauna, it can be a suitable foundation. Ensure that it’s level and sturdy.
Crushed Stone or Gravel: You can create a foundation using crushed stone or gravel. This method offers good drainage and stability. First, level the ground, then lay down a weed barrier fabric, followed by a layer of crushed stone or gravel.
Pavers or Patio Blocks: Another option is to use concrete pavers or patio blocks. Lay them on a level surface, ensuring they are stable and even. This method provides good drainage.

When preparing the ground, consider factors like drainage, stability, and the weight-bearing capacity of the chosen foundation. Proper ground preparation ensures the longevity and safety of your sauna.

14)  What are the options and how to prepare the ground for the hot tub?  

Preparing the ground for a hot tub is crucial to ensure it remains stable, level, and safe over time. Here are some ground preparation options and steps:

Concrete Pad:
Excavate the area where the hot tub will be placed.
Install a wooden frame to contain the concrete.
Pour and level a concrete pad to the recommended thickness (typically 4 inches or more).
Allow the concrete to cure for the specified time before placing the hot tub.
Deck or Platform:
Ensure your existing deck or platform is structurally sound and can support the weight of the hot tub.
Reinforce the deck with additional supports if necessary.
Ensure the deck is level, and the surface is prepared to accommodate the hot tub.
Crushed Stone or Gravel:
Excavate the area and level it.
Lay down a weed barrier fabric to prevent weed growth.
Add a layer of crushed stone or gravel, ensuring it’s level and well-compacted.
Place concrete pavers or patio blocks on top for added stability.
Concrete Pavers or Patio Blocks:
Level the ground in the designated area.
Lay concrete pavers or patio blocks on the prepared surface.
Ensure they are evenly spaced and level.

Allow for access to the hot tub’s equipment for maintenance.
Proper ground preparation helps prevent issues such as instability, uneven weight distribution, and water damage to the hot tub.

15)  Can water be poured onto the heater/stones?  

Pouring water onto a sauna heater, especially in a traditional sauna, is a common practice and an essential part of the sauna experience. The important point is that the water should only be poured onto the hot stones and never on the heater or never on top of the cold stones. This process, known as “löyly” in Finnish saunas, creates steam, which increases humidity and makes the sauna environment more comfortable. However, there are specific guidelines to follow to ensure safety:

Use a Ladle: When adding water to the sauna heater, it should be done using a ladle or bucket specifically designed for sauna use. This helps in controlling the amount of water and prevents splashing, which can be dangerous.
Avoid Excessive Water: While it’s essential to create steam, avoid pouring an excessive amount of water onto the heater. Too much water can lead to a sudden rise in temperature and may damage the heating elements or create an uncomfortable, scalding steam.
Be Cautious with Fragrances: If you want to add fragrances or essential oils to the sauna experience, ensure they are sauna-safe and specifically designed for use in high temperatures. Pour a small amount on the sauna rocks to create a pleasant aroma.
Mind Other Sauna Users: If you’re sharing the sauna with others, be considerate. Some people enjoy a lot of steam, while others prefer a drier heat. Communicate and find a balance that everyone is comfortable with.
Regular Maintenance: Sauna heaters should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are in proper working condition. Damaged or malfunctioning heaters should be repaired or replaced by professionals.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines specific to your sauna heater. If you’re unsure or have questions about using your sauna heater, it’s best to consult the sauna’s manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance. Safety should always be the top priority when using sauna equipment.

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