Killarney Heights, NSW barrel sauna project

Create the Perfect Home Spa: Sauna Installation in Sydney

Sauna Specifications:

  • High-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • Barrel Sauna for 4 people
  • Partially pre-assembled structure
  • With two (2) spacious interior benches for comfort
  • Front porch with benches
  • Easy DIY installation

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Looking for a sauna you can enjoy in Sydney? Why not install one at your home instead? One of our projects at Killarney Heights, Sydney presents an amazing combination of an outdoor barrel sauna and a swimming pool for our client to enjoy.

This sauna installation is an Outdoor/Indoor Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Front Porch from Shym Saunas. The barrel sauna, built with high-quality cedar staves, blends perfectly well with the outdoor aesthetic. This outdoor sauna has been placed on attractive wooden flooring to create a pleasant visual that effortlessly blends with the existing appearance.

Moreover, incorporating the sauna into a pool setting brings an inviting plunge when you want to cool down after sauna sessions, which is essential for the ultimate sauna experience.

Make your 4 Person Sauna a Reality

This sauna is made from high-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar with insulated paneled walls and ceilings, allowing for up to four people to enjoy a luxurious spa experience in their own backyard. Its partially pre-assembled structure comes with built-in venting holes, two benches on the sides of the sauna for maximum comfort, plus a front porch with inbuilt benches. Installation is easy too – just follow our video guide; you can also reach out to us during installation – and you’ll be enjoying your sauna before you know it!

With saunas becoming increasingly popular for providing a home spa experience, what better way to enjoy this luxury than in the comfort of your own home? Having a sauna at home offers many advantages, including convenience and privacy. Not only that, saunas can provide significant health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular function, better sleep quality, and stress relief.

Make your sauna dreams a reality with Shym Saunas! We provide saunas that are easy to install and can fit perfectly in any home landscape. Enjoy a sauna experience like no other – order yours today!


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