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Hot Tub DIY Assembly: How to Install your Outdoor Hot Tub

Looking on how our large outdoor hot tubs are installed? Are you thinking of installing one yourself? In this post, we’re sharing this quick guide to help you understand the process of setting up a large cedar hot tub with 1.8m in diameter and 1.2 m height with external heater. With its numerous benefits, premium materials and luxurious design, you can create an inviting way to relax in your backyard in hours! Read on to know more.

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Hot Tub Specifications:

  • Size: 1800 mm diameter x 1200 mm height
  • All Available Sizes:
    • Diameter 1500mm Height 900mm
    • Diameter 1800mm Height 900mm
    • Diameter 1800mm Height 1200mm
    • Diameter 2100mm Height 1200mm
  • Material options: Cedar or Thermowood
  • Wood-fired External Stainless Steel Heater and Chimney
  • Stainless steel tightening straps
  • Wooden Benches and Steps
  • Plumbing accessories (incl. inlet and outlet pipes, valves, connections)
  • High-density polystyrene thermal cover

How to Install 1.8m Outdoor Cedar Hot Tub

  1. Prepare the two pieces of the baseplate. Apply silicon before attaching them together.
  2. Put the base plate pieces upside down, and then fasten them with the wooden planks provided in the kit.
  3. Install the risers to provide for better ventilation, drainage and easy access.
  4. Flip the baseplate upright. Take note of the position of the drain of the base plate; place it close to where the hot tub has to be drained.
  5. Install the staves one by one. You can use a rope with nails/pins/screws to hold the staves temporarily.
  6. Take note of the position of the stave with holes. This will be the water heater output and input of the hot tub. Position it in a way that it faces the direction of where you will put your heater.
  7. Installing the final stave: If it looks like it will only fit a half stave, put a full one in. We had to redo the stave installation to fit a full stave in.
  8. Applying silicone: In applying silicone you can undo the staves a bit from the bottom so that you can have space and apply silicon from the inside.
  9. Apply the sealant per stave as you undo them one by one and then return it to its position after application.
  10. Place and tighten a temporary strap on the bottom of the hot tub. Keep the rope tight as possible so that you can squeeze the silicon and provide a quality seal.
  11. You can double check the staves by the top. If the gap between staves is less than 1 mm, the wooden staves will swell over time. Tf the gap is bigger than 1 mm, a leak may happen and reinstalling the staves might be required.
  12. Apply the permanent straps on the hot tub exterior. There are 3 straps to be used: one at the bottom, one at the middle, and one at the top. Make sure they’re equidistant to each other.
  13. To make sealing quicker, you can apply silicon on the inside.
  14. Install the benches and the stairs with the provided screws.
  15. Install the water input and output of the heater
  16. Finally, fill the hot tub with water. There might be leaks at first, but over time the wooden staves will swell and seal the gaps. The additional silicon will also help to shorten the sealing of the hot tub.

Installing an outdoor hot tub can be a daunting task, but with our hot tub packages and these step-by-step instructions, building your home sauna will be easier; you’ll have your outdoor hot tub up and running in no time.

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