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Experience Lasting Luxury: Installing an Outdoor Hot Tub in Perth

Hot Tub Specifications

  •  Wood-Burning Hot Tubs
  • High-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar/ High-grade Thermo-treated Hemlock
  • External Wood-Fired Heater and chimney
  • High-Density Polystyrene Thermal Covers
  • Stainless Steel Straps
  • Wooden Benches and steps
  • Complete with Plumbing accessories

Buy Shym Saunas Outdoor Hot Tub with External Firewood Heater  |

One of our earliest installations, this outdoor hot tub is set in the beauty of Perth, Tasmania. We used a cedar hot tub with an external firewood heater and cover, setting the stage for an outdoor spa and relaxation.

This wooden hot tub has been installed in the area for about two years now, the perfect way to enjoy outdoor relaxation in Perth, Tasmania. Not only is the outdoor hot tub aesthetically pleasing, but its location beside the house makes it easy to access anytime.

Maintaining the outdoor hot tub is simple and doesn’t require much work. This outdoor cedar hot tub requires minimal maintenance – oil treatment once a year is all that is needed to keep it looking and working like new. With Shym Saunas Cedar Hot Tub, you’ll always have the perfect opportunity for outdoor relaxation throughout the year without having to worry about putting in a lot of effort.

About Our Wooden Outdoor Hot Tubs

Our hot tubs are designed with Canadian Western Red Cedar or Thermowood, which provides both beauty and durability that will last you for years. Having our hot tub kits with firewood heater will bring you a luxurious, but affordable way to enjoy a spa.

Our Hot Tub kit also includes a high-density polystyrene foam cover for improved insulation to shorten heating time. Plus, the stainless steel strap tightens and fastens the staves and is resistant to outdoor elements. Finally, our outdoor hot tub comes complete with outdoor benches, steps, and plumbing accessories.

If you are looking to experience rest and relaxation right on your doorstep, then an outdoor wooden hot tub from Shym Saunas can be your choice. Invest in an outdoor hot tub and experience outdoor luxury with Shym Saunas today!


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