Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Column (Aspen Wood)


Get refreshed after a sauna and stay cool this summer with our Hardwood  Outdoor Shower Column. Perfect for before/after pool use or for when you return from the beach, this stylish Hardwood Outdoor Shower Column features a solid timber construction.

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Refresh and rejuvenate with the Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Column from Shym Saunas. Ideal for after being in the pool or the beach, this stylish outdoor shower enhances any outdoor area while offering a hygienic way to cool down.

Aspen Timber Outdoor Shower Column
Our outdoor timber shower column is a great way to add a modern and stylish look to your outdoor space.  Constructed from Aspen Hardwood, this durable outdoor shower will provide you with cool refreshment on hot days and can be connected to an outdoor hose for instant showers. The shower comes equipped with a tall showerhead and easy-to-use mixer handle.


Stylish and Modern Timber Design

Constructed from solid wood, the Aspen Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Column looks amazing and harmonizes with any exterior. The warm tone of the natural hardwood brings a luxurious feel to your backyards or poolside.
Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Column

Easy Connection

The hardware and pipe connections for a quick setup are all included with this set of Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Columns. Installation is easy, so you can enjoy the pleasure of a shower in no time!

Simple, Straightforward, and Convenient

With an easy setup and little maintenance required, you can enjoy the perfect cold-water immersion with minimal effort. It also takes up very little space compared to traditional hot tubs, making it ideal for smaller spaces too.

Just sit back and relax – the convenience of this cold plunge tub makes it a breeze to use. With this tub, you can experience the perfect relaxation right in your own home.


Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Column

Aspen Hardwood Construction

This robust shower column set crafted with Aspen Hardwood is designed to stand up to the tough outdoor conditions. Aspen wood won’t expand or shrink despite the temperature or humidity changes.

Stainless Steel Shower Components

The use of stainless steel for all metal components provides both functional protection against rust and corrosion as well as an appealing modern aesthetic that complements the wooden texture.


  • Aspen Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower
  • Stylish and modern timber design
  • Tall shower head with a mixer handle to operate
  • Sturdy construction made from Aspen hardwood and stainless steel
  • Overall Dimensions: 225cm x 80cm x 65cm
  • Weight: 45 kg


Easy Cleaning Up

Bring your outdoor shower to your backyard for an easy and refreshing way to clean up after a beach day, wash away sand and salt from the kids’ playtime, or cool down on a hot summer day. Keep dirt, grass, and other outdoor elements out of your home with this convenient shower column set.
cleaning with outdoor shower

Great for Cooling Down

Enjoy the cool and refreshing water right in your backyard; never worry about dealing with the heat during the summer, after a sauna or just after an intense workout.

Perfect Combination for Your Pool and Spa

Keep your hot tub and spa water clean, clear, and safe by installing an outdoor shower. This convenient feature allows for easy cleaning off of oils, dirt, sand, and bacteria before entering the spa – making it a great way to keep your hot tub, sauna, and even your pools fresh, clean and inviting.

wooden outdoor shower

Enjoy A Naturalistic Bathing Experience with Shym Saunas

woman in outdoor shower
An outdoor shower is the perfect complement to any outdoor lifestyle, which can add an extra element of style and luxury. Our outdoor shower column set is designed to last, designed and made with hardwood and stainless steel. Get ready for a naturalistic bathing experience- make this outdoor addition today and refresh yourself in style!

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 230 × 85 × 60 cm
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