Outdoor Waterfall Bucket Column for Sauna/Banya (Aspen Wood)


Get refreshed after a sauna and stay cool with our Aspen Outdoor Waterfall Bucket Column.

Perfect for before/after sauna use.

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bucket shower for sauna
Get refreshed with our Outdoor Waterfall Bucket Column after your saunas! This freestanding shower column is perfect for cooling down after a sauna session and provides an instantly refreshing cascade of water with a simple and fun rope and handle operation. Crafted from sturdy aspen hardwood timber, this stylish and modern design adds a touch of class to any outdoor spa area near a sauna or hot tub. With overall easy installation and use, it’s sure to become your favorite way to cool down!


Premium Timber Design

This Outdoor Waterfall Bucket Column is an attractive way for cooling off outdoors on a hot day or even after cleaning up after activities. Constructed from premium Aspen wood, this tall bucket column features an overall size of 210 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm and can be connected to an outdoor hose for a refreshing cascade of water.

With its light tone, the natural beauty of the Aspen wood adds to the overall look and feel of any outdoor area.

timber shower bucket
outdoor shower base

Sturdy Construction

The superior craftsmanship ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy the utmost comfort and relaxation from it, no matter how often you use it. Thanks to its long-lasting resilience and top-notch build materials, you can be sure that this tub is built to last.

So go ahead and take the plunge – this cold plunge tub will be an investment that pays off for years to come.

Easy Connection and Operation

This Outdoor Waterfall Bucket Column provides an easy connection from a hose, allowing you a quick and easy setup. All you need is basic plumbing knowledge and installation skills to get your refreshing waterfall shower up and running in no time. Operated by simply pulling down on the rope, you’ll enjoy a relaxing shower experience that’s sure to keep you feeling refreshed. The uses float-type stop valves to keep water refilling controlled in every waterfall drop.


  • Aspen Hardwood Timber Outdoor Shower Column and Bucket
  • Modern timber design
  • Sturdy hardwood construction
  • Tall column with a rope and handle operation
  • Simple plumbing connection
  • Uses float-type stop valves of high-quality
  • Overall Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm x 75cm


NOTE: Please do your own research and consult your physician before using the product.

Improvement of Blood Circulation

Cold showers are a great way to boost one’s circulation. When done regularly, it can help improve blood flow and make the circulatory system more effective. The body works harder to maintain its core temperature when exposed to colder temperatures.

Boost Muscle Recovery

Cold water helps reduce inflammation in the body by reducing the temperature of the affected areas of the body. This in turn allows freshly oxygenated blood to circulate more quickly, leading to quicker healing. People with poor circulation, high blood pressure, and diabetes can all benefit from taking cold showers as a way to help their blood move more efficiently throughout their body. Cold water has long been known to have a therapeutic effect on the body, and recent evidence supports its ability to help heal after sports injuries.
man taking a cold water bucket shower

Rejuvenate your Skin and Hair

Cold water has numerous benefits for the skin and hair that should not be overlooked. It also helps to maintain natural lubricants like the sebum layer, which provides moisture and protection from the elements. Ultimately, cold water can make the hair stronger and healthier over time.

Strengthen Your Immune System

When cold water is introduced into the bloodstream, the sudden shock stimulates leukocytes, a part of the body’s immune system, thus helping us become more resistant to common illnesses such as the flu or a cold. Having cold showers can be a way to strengthen our bodies.

Bring Fun to Spas with Shym Saunas


With the Outdoor Waterfall Bucket Column from Shym Saunas, you can take advantage of all the health that cold water showers bring while also having fun in an outdoor spa setting! This outdoor bucket column is easy to install and operate, with its modern timber design it will look great in any backyard.

This product can provide you with a unique health-promoting activity that you can do with friends or family. It’s sure to bring a calming atmosphere and fun while taking care of yourself! Check out Shym Saunas today.

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