HARVIA Sauna Heater VEGA Internal-Controller


Harvia Vega is an elegant heater that is easy-to-use. The stainless steel outer casing of the heater gives your sauna a modern look. The operating switches are placed ergonomically in the upper part, on the side of the heater, which provides easy operating.


harvia vega sauna heater

With the Harvia Vega Sauna Heater, the heat is in your hands, and the ambiance is at your fingertips. The elegant stainless steel exterior transforms your sauna into a modern haven.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to its symmetrical design and side electrical connections. Your sauna adventure is about to get a lot more exciting!


modern sauna heater aesthetics

Modern Aesthetics

The stainless steel outer casing of the Harvia Vega Sauna Heater gives your sauna a contemporary and elegant look, making it a centerpiece of style and luxury in your relaxation space.

Effortless Operation

Ergonomically positioned operating switches in the upper part and on the side of the heater ensure easy and intuitive control, so you can get back and focus on relaxation, not adjustments.

Simplified Installation

Thanks to its symmetrical design, there’s no difficulty whether you’re right-handed or left-handed to adjust the heater. Electrical connections are located on the side for a hassle-free installation process.

Even Heat Distribution

The innovative structure of the Vega heater allows for low mounting on the sauna wall, ensuring that heat is evenly spread throughout the sauna, providing comfort to both upper and lower benches.

Built-In Control

These models of the Harvia Vega Sauna Heater come with a built-in control unit, allowing you to customize your sauna experience with ease.
sauna heater built in control

Instructions for Using Your Harvia Sauna Heater

pouring water on sauna heater stones

Piling of the Sauna Stones

Properly arranging sauna heater stones is essential for both safety and warranty compliance. Follow these guidelines:

Use suitable sauna stone materials such as peridotite, olivine diabase, olivine, and vulcanite.

  • Only use cleavage surfaces and/or rounded stones on your sauna heater.
  • If heating elements come into contact with the stones, use rounded stones only in the outer layers of the stone space.
  • Decorative stones should be placed loosely to allow air circulation and should not touch heating elements.
  • Stones should be 5–15 cm in diameter.
  • Wash off dust from the stones before piling them into the heater.
  • When placing the stones, don’t drop stones into the heater.
  • Don’t wedge stones between heating elements.
  • Space stones to ensure proper air circulation.
  • Pile stones to support each other rather than placing the weight on heating elements.
  • Avoid forming a high pile of stones on top of the heater.
  • Don’t place any objects or devices inside or near the heater that could alter airflow.

Heater Maintenance

Sauna stones can disintegrate due to temperature fluctuations. Rearrange stones at least annually, or more often with frequent sauna use.

Remove any disintegrated stones from the heater’s bottom and replace them with new ones to maintain optimal heating and prevent overheating.

Heating Your Sauna with Harvia Sauna Heater

When using the heater for the first time, both the heater and stones may emit odors. Efficiently ventilate the sauna room to remove these odors. If the heater’s output matches the sauna room’s size, it will take about an hour for a properly insulated sauna to reach the desired bathing temperature. The sauna stones typically reach this temperature simultaneously with the sauna room.








4.5 kW

6 kW

8 kW

9 kW

Control Unit

Built-in thermostatic and timer switches

Built-in thermostatic and timer switches

Built-in thermostatic and timer switches

Built-in thermostatic and timer switches

Sauna Cabin Volume

3 – 6 m³

5 – 8 m³

7 – 12 m³

8 – 14 m³

Dimensions (DxWxH)

31x48x54 cm

31x48x54 cm

31x48x54 cm

31x48x54 cm

Stone Capacity Max

20 kg (Ø 5–10 cm)

20 kg (Ø 5–10 cm)

20 kg (Ø 5–10 cm)

20 kg (Ø 5–10 cm)


  • Harvia Vega Sauna Heater: The heart of your sauna, designed for elegance and efficiency.
  • Mounting Bracket: Your sauna installation is made simple with the included mounting bracket. It ensures that your heater is securely and conveniently affixed.
  • Fasteners: We’ve included all the necessary fasteners to make sure the installation process is a breeze. No need to hunt down additional parts; we’ve got you covered.
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1-Year Warranty: Backed by our commitment to your satisfaction.

Experience Modern Luxury with Harvia Sauna Heater

The Harvia Vega Sauna Heater is your passport to a world of modern luxury and relaxation. Its elegant design, effortless operation, and ease of installation make it the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate sauna experience.

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