Wood Burning Heater Sauna Stove with Flue Kit and Stones HARVIA LEGEND 150 (16 kW)



Harvia’s Legend wood burning heaters revolutionize the sauna ritual. Encased in robust black steel, these heaters deliver a lavish sauna experience at lower temperatures, ensuring uninterrupted warmth even during momentary lulls in the fire. The advanced grate structure enhances combustion efficiency, guaranteeing a longer lifespan and allowing flexible bench placement due to reduced safety distances. The Legend 150, perfect for smaller saunas, exudes elegance with its cast-iron glass door and adjustable legs, making it a blend of style and function for an enchanting sauna ambiance. Experience sauna luxury redefined.

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Harvia Legend Wood Burning Heaters: Unmatched Sauna Luxury

Indulge in the pinnacle of sauna luxury with Harvia Legend wood burning heaters. Encased in sleek black steel, these heaters feature an abundance of stones that transform into a sumptuous sauna retreat, ensuring an opulent experience even at lower temperatures. The generous stone layout guarantees a consistently cozy ambiance, maintaining warmth seamlessly, making interruptions in your relaxation a thing of the past.

Innovative Design, Effortless Comfort

The Legend series boasts an innovative grate structure that optimizes airflow, enhancing efficiency and lifespan. This design allows for flexible bench placement, thanks to reduced safety distances from surrounding materials. Plus, these models seamlessly integrate with pipe-mounted water heaters, adding a layer of convenience to your sauna sessions. With Harvia Legend wood burning heaters, enjoy unmatched comfort and convenience, bringing innovation and elegance to your sauna experience.

Harvia Legend 150: Tailored Elegance for Intimate Saunas

Tailored for smaller sauna spaces, the Harvia Legend 150 offers a blissfully humid sauna experience. Its elegant cast-iron glass door adds a touch of sophistication, casting a warm, inviting glow. The adjustable legs ensure easy positioning, making it effortless to find the perfect spot within your sauna space. Accommodating sauna rooms from 6 to 13 m3 and holding up to 120 kg of stones, the Legend 150 offers both capacity and flexibility. Immerse yourself in the ultimate sauna luxury, where Harvia Legend wood-burning heaters redefine relaxation.

Comes with a full flue kit and a set of stones.



  • Ultimate Sauna Luxury: Harvia Legend wood burners deliver unparalleled sauna indulgence with a robust stone-filled steel frame.
  • Magnificent Heat: Even at lower temperatures, the abundant stones ensure a remarkable sauna experience by providing consistent and satisfying warmth.
  • Efficient Combustion: The modern grate structure optimises combustion air, enhancing efficiency and cleanliness, and extending the heater’s lifespan.
  • Flexible Bench Placement: Reduced safety distances from burning materials allow freedom in bench placement, ensuring a sauna layout tailored to your preferences.
  • Water Heater Compatibility: Legend wood burners can be equipped with a pipe-mounted water heater, adding convenience to your sauna experience (extra item).
  • Perfect for Smaller Saunas: The Harvia Legend 150 is ideal for smaller saunas (6–13 m3), offering a comfortably moist sauna bath.
  • Stylish Design: The Legend 150 features a cast-iron glass door that not only adds aesthetic charm but also allows the warm fire glow to enhance the sauna ambiance.
  • Easy Placement: Adjustable legs make installation effortless, ensuring the wood burner fits seamlessly into your sauna space.
  • Maximum Stone Capacity: With a maximum stone capacity of 120 kg, these heaters guarantee an immersive and enduring sauna experience.
  • Harvia Quality: Backed by Harvia’s reputation for excellence, Legend wood burners combine efficiency, style, and durability for a sauna experience like no other.



Heater Specifications Value
Sauna min/max volume 6/13 m3
Flue pipe diameter 115 mm
Stone size 10-15 cm
Height 740 mm
Width 530 mm
 Depth 530 mm
Changing the opening direction of the door Yes
Stone capacity 120 kg
Weight 62 kg
Max Length of Firewood 35 cm
Safety distances to flammable materials
side (with protection panel) 200 mm
back (with protection panel) 200 mm
front 500 mm
Firebox material Cast Iron
External panels material N/A


Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 120 cm
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