Outdoor Cedar or Thermowood Hot Tub With Internal Firewood Heater and Cover

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Want to enjoy an outdoor sauna but don’t have much outdoor space? Shym Sauna’s Outdoor Cedar or Thermowood Hot Tub With Internal Firewood Heater can provide you with the outdoor spa experience even without the luxury of space!
Our outdoor cedar hot tub comes with our new internal firewood heater, improved with a 2 mm Stainless Steel Design.

Outdoor wood fired hot tub with internal heater

Take the time to treat yourself, take the time to relax in an outdoor hot tub.

Our hot tubs come in various diameters and heights to cater to your needs:

Diameter options:

  • 1,500 mm – 2 – 3 person
  • 1,800 mm – 4 – 5 person 
  • 2,100 mm – 6 – 8 person

Height options:

  • 900 mm
  • 1200 mm

Highlighted Features

Elegant and Space-Saving Design

Install a wood-fired hot tub without needing a lot of space. The more compact design of our wood-fired hot tub with an internal heater allows for installation in places as long as the hot tub fits. As the heater is placed intact inside the tub, no need for extra space to place your heater beside the tub, and no more visible pipes and hoses! Planning to install an in-deck or in-ground hot tub? This Wood-fired hot tub with internal heater is perfect for you!
Elegant and Space Saving Design
Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Heater

Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Heater

Our improved wood-fired internal heater is built with 2mm stainless steel sheets, making it more sturdy, corrosion resistant, and overall has a longer operating life.
Wood-fired heaters are very cheap to run with wood being a renewable fuel. No need for electrical connections, and it heats quickly in an hour to 3.5 hours depending on the tub size and the ambient temperature. (cold water to 38 °C)
Compared to external heaters, there’ll be no need for visible pipes and tubes.
Our heater also comes with a flue, heat shielded for safety.

High-Quality Hot Tub Design

Shym Sauna’s Outdoor Wood-Fired Hot Tub is built with high-quality components. All wood materials, the hot tub staves, wooden base, and stairs are made with high-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar.
Our hot tub staves are sized at 1.5 inches thick (3.85 cm) and can be built into a 1300- 4500 liter capacity hot tub.

Outdoor Cedar or Thermowood Hot Tub With Internal Firewood Heater and Cover
Easy To Assemble DIY Hot Tub Kit

Easy To Assemble DIY Hot Tub Kit

Building a hot tub for relaxation does not have to be difficult! Our DIY saunas can be built easily, with written manuals and video guides for better instructions.

Moreover, most of the components are preassembled. The base plate, stairs, bench tops, and heater separation fence are all built prior to delivery, so you won’t have to start from scratch.


Thermal Covers

Our hot tub thermal covers are ensured to keep heat efficiently while heating. We only source covers with high-density polystyrene, which is known as an effective heat insulation material. Our unique cover design also ensures high heat retention and durability with its UV resistance and marine-grade properties.

Shym Saunas also provide an easy-to-use clip mechanism for these thermal covers.

thermal covers
stainless steel components

Stainless Steel Components

No need to worry about corrosion and water damage as our metal components are entirely made out of 304# stainless steel. Our steel straps, locking nuts and bolts, and heater are certified stainless steel-made.

High-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar

The use of red cedar is perfect for your outdoor hot tub applications. This type of wood is known as the best material that can resist rot, water damage, as well as pests. You can enjoy the aesthetics of the wood, with no need for extra coating materials.
High-grade Canadian Western Red Cedar
Outdoor Cedar or Thermowood Hot Tub With External Firewood Heater and Cover

High-grade Thermo-treated Hemlock

Optionally you can choose thermo-wood as a material for your hottub. It is created by heat-treating hemlock timber to temperatures ranging from 180 – 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours

  • It is dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to growth of fungi and rotting 
  • Average life span is prolonged meaning your hottub will last longer! 
  • Better insulation properties


Our outdoor cedar hot tub kit comes partially assembled. This comes with preassembled components. Here’s what you get:

  • Wooden floor base plate
  • Wooden staves
  • Heater Separation Fence
  • Wood-fired internal heater with flue and cleaning kit
  • High-density polystyrene foam thermal insulation cover
  • Benchtops
  • Wooden stairs
  • Assembly manuals and instructions and installation video


  • Pick Up is available from the warehouse at no additional cost.
  • We can deliver within Tasmania for an additional charge of $300-$500.
  • We offer an interstate freight of $500-$1500 (please contact us for details).


Easy DIY Assembly

Our Outdoor Hot Tub kit is designed to be built in a few hours. With pre-made components, installation is easy: No need for cutting wood, no additional insulation, and no additional purchases.
easy DIY assembly
faster heating hot tub

Faster Heating

With internal heaters, heating is much quicker as compared to using external heaters. As there are no pipes installed, internal heaters can heat the water more quickly and can reach 40 °C faster.

Improved Aesthetics

With the compact design of our hot tub with an internal heater, there are more creative ways to install them! When you want your hot tub recessed into your deck or the ground, this can only be done with hot tubs with an internal heater. Doing this installation with a hot tub with an external heater is not possible since you need to have access to the heater from the sides.
Also, the hose and connections of a hot tub with an external heater can be a distracting aspect, but with internal heaters, everything is hidden and covered.

hot tub for improved aesthetics


The bottom plate and surrounding staves are held together by stainless steel straps. There’s no need for additional glues, screws, and fasteners, but has excellent insulation and sealing performance.

The Best Time To Relax Is When You Don’t Have Time For It

women relaxing hot tub

Everyone deserves relaxation. Why not take the time to give yourself a treat? This hot tub is one great way that we can provide to have your place of relaxation. This is not only for you, but also to spend some time with family members, friends, and colleagues.

There’s no more reason to not have a sauna and hot tub at home with Shym Saunas Hot Tubs and sauna. They’re easy and quick to assemble; in no time, you can enjoy, relax, converse, and connect with your loved ones.

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Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.2 × 0.9 cm

Diameter 1500mm Height 900mm, Diameter 1800mm Height 900mm, Diameter 1800mm Height 1200mm, Diameter 2100mm Height 1200mm


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    Beautiful tub! Exceptional quality wood! Loving it and wish we bought it earlier!

  2. Damien