Outdoor/Indoor Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Panoramic Glass 4 Person

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There’s nothing more relaxing than unwinding in a sauna with your family after a long day. Shym Saunas’ Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Panoramic Glass is constructed from high-quality cedar wood and a durable acrylic panoramic window, ensuring that you can relax and detoxify your body while enjoying outside scenery. The barrel form and panoramic glass maximise usable area while minimising wasted volume, at the same time ensuring the ideal thermal properties and the fragrance of a traditional sauna.

This barrel sauna kit is crafted as a 4-person capacity sauna, so you can enjoy this outdoor spa experience with friends and family.


Easy To Build, Partially Assembled Kit

Our DIY sauna kit is ready to be built and comes with partially assembled components. These pre-assembled parts allow for easy installation, without any need for numerous construction tools. Everything you need is in the kit. Here are the assembled components in the package: front and back walls, floor platforms, benches, door, and support crates.

Assembly can be done within a few hours to a single day, depending on the person’s skill, and will be needing at least two people during the process.

Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Panoramic Glass
Acrylic Panoramic Glass Wall

Tinted Acrylic Panoramic Glass Wall

The outstanding feature of this barrel sauna is the panoramic window. This dome-shaped window is made with acrylic which provides clarity like glass but is shatter and impact-resistant. Moreover, the panoramic glass wall provides vast amounts of light to enter the sauna, as well as provides extra space for seating. With a perfect view while inside the sauna, this sauna kit is best placed outdoors like in the mountainside, beside the lake, or in scenic spots.

Made With Canadian Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is a popular wood choice for saunas for its excellent properties. There are a lot of reasons why western red cedar is the recommended material for an outdoor sauna:

  • Excellent insulating properties, effective in trapping heat inside the sauna
  • Has natural antimicrobial/ antifungal properties to prevent rot, mold, and fungi.
  • Warp resistant despite heavy exposure to heat and moisture
  • The color and appearance deliver a beautiful aesthetic, perfect for a backyard centerpiece

As for our specifications, we use western red cedar staves of 39 mm thickness for optimal thermal  and structural properties for the sauna. 

Heat Treated Timber Planks
Outdoor/Indoor Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Panoramic Glass 4 Person

Tempered Glass Door

The included glass door is built with tempered glass to ensure safety for your sauna users. As compared to normal glass, tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger, and has higher thermal strength as well.

Our glass doors include self-closing hinges to keep the door closed and retain the heat in the sauna.


Outdoor/Indoor Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Panoramic Glass

  • Accommodates 2-4 People
  • Product dimensions: 180 cm L x 210 cm Diameter
  • Sauna Weight: Approximately 350 kg
  • For other sizes, please contact us.
  • Made with Solid Canadian Western Red Cedar with 39 mm thickness


stainless sauna steel straps

Stainless Steel Components

All metal parts are made of high-grade 304# stainless steel bands. These parts include steel straps/bands, fasteners, hinges, accents, and hardware

Western Red Cedar Wood

All timber components of the sauna are made with high-grade cedar
Heat Treated Timber Planks
Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna with Panoramic Glass

High-Quality and Impact-Resistant Acrylic

The panoramic window is made with durable acrylic, which provides clarity for viewing

No Fume-Emitting Materials

No glue, sealants, rubber, or any other substances that can produce toxic fumes are used in the sauna.


  • Complete set of red cedar sauna staves
  • Pre-assembled walls built-in venting holes
  • Set of Wooden Floor Platforms
  • 8 mm Tempered Glass door with tight high-grade elastomer fit and self-closing hinges
  • Steel bands, hinges, fasteners, hardware, and accents High-grade 304# stainless
  • Set of benches installed opposing each other
  • Acrylic panoramic glass wall
  • Mounts on 2 wooden cradles
  • 3.8 L bucket and 35.6 cm ladle,
  • Thermometer/hydrometer
  • Interior lamp holder
  • Heater fence
  • 20 kg of sauna stones


  • Pick Up is available from the warehouse at no additional cost.
  • We can deliver within Tasmania for an additional charge of $500-$600.
  • We offer an interstate freight of $1200-$2500 (please contact us for details).


This DIY indoor/outdoor sauna is simple to install. The assembly process just takes a few hours and is quite simple. The walls and staves around the circumference are held together by stainless steel straps and are put together and constructed like a barrel.

To install, there are just a few fasteners used; no use of any adhesives, glue, or other materials. However, this sauna kit still offers excellent insulation. The wooden crates on which the barrel is resting on provide stability and the necessary ventilation.


Sauna Heater

Please take note that our sauna kit does not include the heater. We’ll let you choose the heater you’d like. Of course, we’d be glad to help you out and guide you on which heater would be best according to your preferences. Whether it be a wood-fired heater or an electric one, we’ll be glad to show you the differences between each.

Outdoor/Indoor Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna With Panoramic Glass 4 Person
bitumen shingles roofing

Bitumen Shingles Roofing

For additional protection against the weather as well as an upgrade for design, you can add our bitumen roofing to your sauna. This improves shielding for your sauna against strong rains and prolonged exposure to UV.

Sauna Pillow Backrest Cedar/Spruce

Our wooden Sauna Pillow is specially made for a more comfortable stay in the sauna. This is contoured to help you have a comfortable sitting/ laying position while enjoying your spa sessions. Our Sauna Pillow is also made with quality spruce or red cedar wood.
Cedar Spruce Sauna Pillow Backrest


Benefits of using a sauna

Nothing compares to the experience of a premium cedar sauna. The heat helps you to sweat away toxins while also relaxing your muscles, reducing stress and headaches. Additionally, while saunas have long been a standard feature of upscale spas, they are fast gaining popularity. Cedar barrel saunas are very famous for their design and aesthetics, traditional sauna experience with their wood qualities, and of course, health benefits.

Whether it is a cedar or spruce sauna, heated by electricity or charcoal, with or without panoramic glass, it will undoubtedly provide you with the genuine sauna experience you want. The sleek, contemporary, and small-barrel sauna design will transform your outside space into a family and friends SPA haven.


At Shym Saunas, we believe that saunas and hot tubs are not only beneficial to our health but also necessary to create an environment where we can build and strengthen relationships. Enjoying a sauna is an unrivaled method for us to relax and enjoy with our loved ones, our families, and friends.

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Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 2.3 × 1.9 × 0.9 cm

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    What a fantastic product! We have purchased this sauna to complement and maximise on the view we have at the back of the property! Loving every session and time we created with family!

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