Sauna Heater Stones HARVIA Black Vulcanite 5-10 cm 20 kg


The black vulcanite sauna heater stone, a dark grey granular stone, shines in a sleek black hue when wet. Its volcanic roots trace back around 2000 million years, making it a unique and aesthetically pleasing choice for selected Harvia heaters. Its sturdy and durable composition, derived from its volcanic origins, makes it an excellent option for sauna stones.

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Plagioclase (primary geological component) sauna stones are selected according to old traditions and convey a genuine sauna atmosphere and heat. Stones in the range of 50 to 100 mm are suitable for wall-mounted and on-the-floor heaters. These sauna stones provide good and soft heat. The sauna stones are essential for a good sauna experience and good humidity control. Good quality like vulcanite stones can store lots of heat and the water evaporates efficiently from the surfaces of rocks. Each box comes with approximately 20 kg of premium Finnish black vulcanite sauna stones.

It is recommended that all stones should be washed to remove any stains or dust that can cause any odors during the first few times of using the heater.



  • Elegant Vulcanite Sauna Heater Stone: Takes on a glossy black sheen when wet.
  • Ideal for Electric and Wood-Burning Heaters: Suitable for both electric heaters and serves as a superior top stone for wood-burning ones.
  • Efficient Heat Storage: Split-face design stores ample heat; water thrown on them vaporizes efficiently due to the broad fracture surface.
  • Easy Stacking and Air Circulation: Simple to stack, ensuring good air circulation within the sauna.
  • Robust Heat Resistance and Conductivity: Exhibits excellent resistance to heat fluctuations and remarkable thermal conductivity. Boasts superior stone density and heat retention capabilities.
  • Stone Details: Dark grey vulcanite stone, with a size range of 5-10 cm and packaged weight of 20 kg.
  • Safety Assured: Free from harmful substances, guaranteeing a safe sauna experience.
  • Choosing the Right Size: Refer to your heater manual to select the correct stone size for optimal performance.


Single package size: 40 X 29 X 15 cm

Single gross weight: 20.5 kg

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 42 × 31 × 18 cm


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