Sauna Stones 7-15 cm 17 kg


SAUNA STONES 5-10 cm 17kg

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SAUNA STONES 5-10 cm 17kg

Olivine-dolerite sauna stones are selected according to old traditions and convey a genuine sauna atmosphere and heat. Stones in the range of 50 to 150 mm are suitable for wall-mounted and on-the-floor heaters. These sauna stones provide good and soft heat. The sauna stones are essential for a good sauna experience and good humidity control. Good quality like olivine-dolerite stones can store lots of heat and the water evaporates efficiently from the surfaces of rocks. Each box comes with approximately 20 kg of premium Finnish olivine-dolerite sauna stones.

It is recommended that all stones should be washed to remove any stains or dust that can cause any odors during the first few times of using the heater.



Single package size:

38 X 28 X 15 cm

Single gross weight:

17.000 kg

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 41 × 31 × 18 cm


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