Bitumen Shingles for Sauna Roof


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These Bitumen Shingles are specifically designed to protect the timber of cedar and pine barrel saunas from exposure to weather conditions. Outdoor saunas can incur weather damage (shading/cracking) over time if left unprotected; adding Bitumen Shingles to the roof of your sauna shields the wood from rain and UV radiation. Bitumen Shingles are easy to install and greatly increase the life of your sauna.

*Sauna is not included with the sauna roof.


·        Red Bitumen Shingles for Barrel Sauna Roof (ask for different colours)

·        Made specifically for Shym Saunas barrel and square barrel saunas

·        Compatible with other similar size saunas

·        Increases sauna longevity by adding a protection layer

·        Increases the heat retainment and improves insulation

·        Sauna Size: 1800 mm and 2400 mm long with 1800 mm diameter

·        Square Sauna Size: 1800 mm, 2400 mm and 2700 mm long with 2100 mm height/width

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 110 × 35 × 30 cm

1800 mm long barrel sauna, 2400 mm long barrel sauna, 1800 mm long square barrel sauna, 2400 mm long square barrel sauna, 2700 mm long square barrel sauna

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