Outdoor/Indoor Spruce or Cedar Barrel Sauna UNITY (3 – 5 Person)


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Experience the classic sauna experience in a compact package with the Outdoor/lndoor Spruce or Cedar Barrel Sauna UNITY 3 —5 Person from Shym Saunas. Get all of the relaxing benefits of a traditional sauna without taking up too much space!

This stylish and spacious sauna is 200 cm in diameter and 160 cm long, yet still comfortably accommodates up to 3-5 people. Plus, the total package weighs only 350-450 kg for easy transportability, and its glass panes at the front ensure that you get to fully enjoy the breathtaking views outside.

This sauna features a 2-0 tier seating bench so you you can enjoy your sauna with family and friends comfortably. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself and your loved ones to a luxurious sauna experience.

The best things come in small packages, like a sauna where you can bond with family and friends!

Our Unity Barrel Sauna’s smaller size can heat up almost instantly which means you can enjoy a steamy sauna sooner, without having to wait for the entire space to heat up. We offer 2 standard material options:

  • Western Red Cedar 
  • Carbonised Spruce 


Outdoor/Indoor Spruce or Cedar Barrel Sauna

Small Footprint, Big Benefits

The Unity 3-5 Person Barrel Sauna has plenty of room for up to five people while still being compact enough to fit in any outdoor or indoor space.

The sauna, when assembled, measures 200 cm in diameter x 160 cm length, but includes a 2-level bench that maximizes seating capacity while still providing plenty of room.

High-Quality Wood Options

The Outdoor/Indoor Spruce or Cedar Barrel Sauna UNITY 3-5 Person is made with the highest quality wood, giving you years of use.

Cedar is a popular choice for barrel saunas for its naturally resistance against decay and insect damage. It is also a softwood, making it lightweight, easy transport and assemble. Cedar is known for its pleasant aroma and is a sustainable resource, as cedar trees can live for hundreds of years.

Carbonized Spruce is a type of spruce wood that has been treated with heat to create a darker, more durable finish. This treatment also makes the wood more resistant to rot and decay, making it a good choice for use in saunas and other high-humidity environments.

full front glass pane for barrel sauna

Full Glass Pane Front

This compact barrel sauna won’t feel small as it offers a full glass front for both the doors and window panes. This allows you to enjoy unobstructed views of your surroundings, giving an open and airy atmosphere to the sauna experience.


  • Prefabricated kit for easy assembly
  • Suits 3-5 people
  • Barrel sauna dimensions: 200 cm in diameter x 160 cm length
  • Material wood choices: Cedar & Carbonised Spruce
  • 2-level benches
  • Full Glass Front: Glass Doors and Window Panes
  • Package Weight: 350-450 kg


  • Pick Up is available from the warehouse at no additional cost.
  • We can deliver within Tasmania for an additional charge of $300-$500.
  • We offer an interstate freight of $500-$1000 (please contact us for details).


  • High-grade Carbonised Spruce/ Cedar walls and panel
  • Two-tier benches maximizing space and capacity
  • Complimentary bucket and ladle
  • Thermometer/hygrometer
  • Interior lamp holder
  • 18-20 kg of sauna stones


Here are some sauna accessories to make the best out of your spa experience:

Sauna Heater

While the standard kit does not include a heater, you can easily purchase one from us to complete your sauna.

As the heart of the sauna, the heater is expertly designed to efficiently heat the space and stones, while allowing for increased humidity through water pouring. The resulting heat is not only invigorating, but also offers numerous health benefits, such as opening pores and flushing out toxins.

harvia heater
Cedar Spruce Sauna Pillow Backrest

Sauna Pillow Backrest

Enhance your sauna experience with our cedar or spruce sauna pillow backrest. Designed for ultimate comfort, this pillow’s smooth contour offers a relaxing position for laying down or sitting in the sauna. Crafted with high-quality clear red cedar or spruce wood, our sauna pillow is available in flat or round options. 

Improve your sauna investment to lasts up longer with our bitumen shingles. These shingles provide added protection from rain and UV damage, enhance insulation, and improve the overall appearance as well. Their extreme durability, ease of installation and weather resistance make them the ideal choice for our saunas.

Bitumen Roof Shingles for cedar barrel sauna
Interior Lights cedar barrel sauna

Interior Lights

Create a cozy ambiance in your sauna with our included lamp, or you can browse our store for more lighting options to personalize your experience. Elevate your sauna experience with the perfect lighting to suit your style and preferences.

Think Small, Relax Big with Shym Saunas' Compact Sauna

Our compact but spacious sauna can be the perfect addition for your home, especially when space is not much of a luxury. Don’t let the smaller size fool you, as it can accommodate the whole family, and can surely become a daily relaxation and quality time together. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your well-being, while creating lasting memories with Shym Saunas!

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Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 210 × 120 × 90 cm

Cedar, Carbonised Spruce


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