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Welcome to Shym Saunas, the leading source for wooden hot tubs on the Gold Coast. Positioned in one of Australia’s most lively coastal destinations, we focus on delivering high-quality, handcrafted hot tubs that are perfect for enhancing relaxation and wellness. Whether you’re looking for a cosy 2-person hot tub or a larger model that accommodates up to 10 people, our range is designed to suit various family sizes and preferences.

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Start your search for the perfect hot tub, one that offers more than just a soak, but a transformative experience for you and your family. Our wooden hot tubs, known for their excellent craftsmanship and quality, provide an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury.

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Discover Our Top Sellers – a handpicked selection of the most favoured outdoor hot tubs available in Gold Coast. Every hot tub reflects our dedication to excellence and customer happiness.

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If you’re in the market for a hot tub in Gold Coast, whether for your private residence or a business setting, our extensive selection of hot tubs is designed to cater to all requirements. From small to large, explore our variety that matches both your taste and available space.

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Art from Shym Sauna’s is a pleasure to deal with – he certainly knows his stuff! We had Shym install a cedar 4 person sauna with porch seats this month at our home in Swansea – the installation team were like a well oiled machine and the result is excellent – we’ve only had two sessions so far but can see how this will become one of our health and wellbeing tools which we can’t wait to share with others. Thanks Shym Sauna’s! Very happy customers 🙂

– Jo Stephen

About Shym Saunas

“At Shym Saunas, our story started with a clear and meaningful goal: to recapture valuable family time lost to Australia’s busy roads and crowded spots on weekends. We dreamed of creating a peaceful retreat at home, a calm space where families can enjoy and value their time together. Driven by this idea, we developed a range of saunas and hot tubs in various designs and sizes, guaranteeing a perfect match for every home. Whether it’s a couple looking to relax after a busy day or a big family wanting to spend quality time in comfort, our products are crafted to suit your needs. For those desiring a cosy space, we offer 2-person hot tubs ideal for private relaxation. Meanwhile, our larger spa pools — including 4-person and 10-person hot tubs — are perfect for hosting friends and family, turning each gathering into a memorable event.”

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We chose a Sauna from SHYM Saunas and Spas, and are very happy with our choice. We picked the square model, for its looks as much as practicality (two-tiered seating, plenty of head height).
– Lutz Hauenschild

1. Which Family Spa Pool to Pick?

Perfect Relaxation for Contemporary Australian Homes

“Discover unmatched tranquility with Shym Saunas’ Cedar SPA Hot Tub, equipped with an electric heater to maintain steady warmth, along with massage and air jets for a therapeutic soak. It also features a water pump and filtration system to ensure the water remains clean and inviting.

  • This premium cedar hot tub, ideal for 2-5 users, marries the aesthetic appeal of top-quality Canadian Western Red Cedar with the latest in spa technology. 
  • Its smart construction comes pre-assembled, making installation straightforward, while stainless steel parts offer long-lasting strength, and a high-density thermal cover keeps the heat in efficiently.”