Best Outdoor Hot Tubs for Australian Conditions

Best Outdoor Hot Tubs for Australian Conditions

On the lookout for the best outdoor hot tubs to place in your home or backyard? With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the best outdoor hot tub for Australian conditions, and also what’s best for you. In this post, we have put together a guide on what to look for when choosing an outdoor hot tub that’s best suited to your needs!

Key Takeaways

You have several options for hot tubs you can choose from, namely: Wooden Hot Tubs, Inflatable Hot Tubs, Rotomolded Hot Tubs, and Acrylic Hot Tubs.

Wooden Hot Tubs provide great aesthetics and a natural scent perfect for outdoor relaxation. Cleaning is easy but maintenance should be monitored so it lasts long.

• Inflatable Hot Tubs are the cheapest and provide easy installation and storage, but not recommended for winter use.

• Acrylic Hot Tubs are the luxury option; feature-packed and built for comfort, but very high initial cost. May not be the most sustainable and aesthetic choice.

• Rotomolded Hot Tubs are a good alternative to acrylic for their affordability, but not as durable as acrylic or wooden hot tubs.

Choosing the Best Hot Tubs in Australia

The best outdoor hot tubs or spa pools should have a strong, insulated construction that is designed to withstand both extreme heat and cold weather in Australia, so you can use it all year round. 

The insulation will also help keep water temperature consistent and best of all, it will save you money on your energy bill, or fuel (if you prefer wood-fired hot tubs). It is best to look for models that are specifically designed for Australian conditions.

What To Consider When Purchasing an Outdoor Hot Tub

Here are a few key points to consider when purchasing an outdoor hot tub in Australia:


The best outdoor hot tub for Australian conditions should be built with robust and high-quality materials. Look for a hot tub that is weatherproof and won’t rust or corrode over time. It should also feature reinforced insulation to keep the water warm during cooler months.

Size and Space Requirements

You’ll need to determine the best size for your backyard and your requirements. Consider how many people you would like to use it at once, as well as how much space you have available. 

Take note of the total footprint of your hot tub and your heater, if the heater is a separate component from the hot tub.


Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, and installation can vary with different models. Again, make sure you take into account your available space for installation before making a purchase. 

Also, take note that heaters also can come as wood-fired or electrical. Nevertheless, you will need to hire a professional to install your hot tub and the heater properly and safely install your hot tubs.


Outdoor hot tubs require more maintenance than indoor models due to exposure to the elements. You can choose a hot tub with a simple filtration system and easy-to-clean jets. Some hot tubs are also easier to maintain, and some needs more attention. It’s best to look for models that don’t require too much maintenance.


outdoor hot tub with a relaxing view

The best outdoor hot tub should feature comfortable seating, powerful jets, and even music systems depending on your budget. 

You can also look for models that offer adjustable temperature settings to suit your individual needs. Consider how many people can fit in the hot tub comfortably, as this will determine which model best suits your setup.

For example, an Outdoor Cedar Hot Tub with Internal Firewood Heater is available in various sizes: a 1,500 mm diameter can fit 2 to  3 people, a 1,800 mm diameter tub can fit 4 to 5 people, and 2,100 people can accommodate 6 to 8 people at a time. 


Look into hot tubs with safety features such as heater fences, handrails, non-slip steps, or chemical filtration systems. These will help keep everyone safe while enjoying their time in the hot tub.

As per Australian Standard, all hot tubs are considered to be a pool and may require additional barriers around them. Consult your local council before purchasing. 


Prices of hot tubs can vary so much since each of them has different features and materials used. When looking for the best outdoor hot tub, remember that price doesn’t always reflect what you need. It’s best to start by researching different brands, types, and models before making a purchase decision.

Of course, aside from design preferences, set a budget before looking into different models so that you can narrow down your search. 

Types of outdoor hot tubs 

There are four main types of outdoor hot tubs based on their material: wooden, inflatable, rotomoulded, and acrylic. 

  • Wooden hot tubs are best for those who want a natural, but long-lasting and sustainable option. 
  • Inflatable hot tubs on the other hand are best for those who don’t have much space or would like to move their hot tub to another location. 
  • Lastly, acrylic hot tubs are best for those who want a luxurious and modern option, while rotomolded hot tubs try to provide a level of convenience similar to acrylic, but as a cheaper option.

Hot Tub Comparison

Hot Tub Type/ MaterialFeatures/ AdvantagesDisadvantagesPrice (AUD)
Wooden Hot Tub• Natural wood aesthetic perfect for outdoors (also indoors!)
• Simple Construction, comes as a DIY Kit
• Gives off a natural wood scent
• Naturally resistant to pests, fungi, and mold
• Weather resistant, can endure changing weather 
• Easy to clean, little plumbing required 
• Alternative heating options 
• Can last for 15 to 20 years with good maintenance
• Needs regular maintenance with linseed oil
• Basic features only, no provision for accessories (e.g. lights, controls, audio/video)
$4,000 to $10,000
Inflatable Hot Tub• Cheapest option for a hot tub
• Portable and easy to store
• Easy installation and placement can be flexible
• Vulnerable to being punctured by sharp objects
• Take longer time to heat
• Insulation can be poor and cannot hold heat for longer times
• Not applicable for winter use
• Shorter lifespan than traditional hot tubs (Five to Seven years)
$400 to $3,500
Rotomolded Hot Tub• More durable than inflatable, can last for years with proper maintenance.
• Easier to operate and maintain than wooden hot tubs.
• Come in various colors and styles
• Affordable, but still provide some level of luxury and comfort.
• Easy to transport, and can be moved to another location
• Not as beautiful finish as compared to acrylic spas
• Less energy-efficient compared to acrylic and wooden hot tubs
• Less durable vs Wooden and Acrylic
• Cannot withstand cold temperatures 
$4,000 to $7,500
Acrylic Hot Tub• Provides excellent comfort with water jets, molded lounges, and headrests
• Packed with features (lighting, controls, waterfalls, audio/video, etc.)
• Easier cleaning
• Excellent insulation, allowing for fast heating
• Can last for years on end
• Difficult sanitation with a lot of hoses and pipes
• Most expensive hot tub option, high initial costs
• Very bulky, difficult to relocate
• Requires professionals to install properly
• Maintaining water quality can be challenging 
$7,000 to $25,000 and above

Wooden Hot Tub

Cleaner Water for Longer Spa Sessions

A wooden hot tub is an excellent option for Australian conditions. Wood hot tubs have a natural aesthetic that blends in perfectly with the outdoors, and they are simple to construct – they come as DIY kits. They also give off the pleasant scent of cedar, perfect for aromatherapy.

Wood materials used for hot tubs, especially cedar, are naturally resistant to pests, fungi, and mold.

Although wooden hot tubs require more regular cleaning, they are easier to clean overall with little plumbing installed. However, as for maintenance, they needed to be applied with wood supplement oil or linseed oil once a year. 

Durable and reliable, wooden hot tubs are built with robust staves and stainless steel fasteners/bands that can withstand the elements. On the flip side, synthetic-made hot tubs may not be as resilient when placed in intense heat; prolonged exposure to UV rays or extreme temperatures could cause them to degrade over time.

Ultimately, when going for a relaxing time away from stress in modern times, having a dip in a wooden hot tub gives a special feeling that new hot tubs can’t bring. If you’re looking for an outdoor experience that perfectly encapsulates natural beauty, look no further than a wooden hot tub with a wood-fired heater. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy nature and create a captivating atmosphere in your backyard!

Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub
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Inflatable hot tubs are a great, cost-effective option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a luxurious hot tub without breaking the bank. With a variety of different sizes and features available, these portable options can be moved around your patio or backyard with ease and offer an array of attractive features.

Installation is simple and can be completed in a relatively short time, allowing you to start enjoying your hot tub sooner. 

However, be aware that these hot tubs are vulnerable to being punctured by sharp objects and may take longer to heat than traditional options. Insulation can also sometimes be quite poor, meaning the water won’t hold its heat for as long. Inflatable hot tubs are best suited to warm climates and aren’t suitable for winter use.

Additionally, their lifespan is a bit shorter than that of traditional hot tubs – typically five to seven years.

Rotomolded Hot Tub

Rotomolded Hot Tubs, or Rotationally molded hot tubs, offer several key benefits that make them a popular choice among hot tub owners. First, they are incredibly durable and can last for many years with proper maintenance. They also require less effort to operate and maintain than wooden hot tubs, making them easier on the wallet.

remolded hot tub
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Rotomolded hot tubs come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to customize your outdoor space with one that best complements the look and feel of your home. Additionally, they are much more affordable than some other types of hot tubs but still provide a level of luxury and comfort.

Finally, rotomolded hot tubs are easy to transport; they can easily be moved from one location to another. However, they do not offer the same beautiful finish as acrylic spas and are less energy-efficient than wooden or acrylic hot tubs.

Additionally, they are not as durable as wooden or acrylic hot tubs, and cannot withstand cold temperatures.

Acrylic Hot Tub

acrylic hot tub
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Another choice to consider is an acrylic hot tub. They are designed to provide superior comfort with a range of features such as water jets, molded lounges, adjustable headrests, and customizable lighting systems. 

Unlike other materials, acrylic hot tubs are also easier to clean and maintain. The material provides excellent insulation, allowing the water to heat up quickly. With proper maintenance and care, an acrylic outdoor hot tub can last for many years.

The downside of choosing an acrylic hot tub is that it does require more complex plumbing and sanitation systems with a lot of hoses and pipes. Additionally, acrylic hot tubs are the most expensive hot tub among these options with a high initial cost.

Lastly, they are bulky and difficult to relocate, so it’s best to get professional help when installing an acrylic hot tub. 

What Is The Hot Tub For You?

To summarize, your choices can be from any of those above, as long as you find it best for you. Just make sure to look up particular reviews on specific models so you can check each feature if they apply to your needs or not. 

Inflatable hot tubs are best when you want to use a hot tub occasionally and you’re okay with not having hot tub sessions in the winter unless you have a space indoors to set it up. 

Rotomolded and acrylic hot tubs are good options when you want a modern aesthetic and additional features to entertain you and your guests. Acrylic is more durable, more features, but comes with a price. Rotomolded ones are a step-down but are a more affordable option.

Finally, you can have a wooden hot tub to grasp the natural feel of relaxation in a hot tub. It’s easy to clean but if you want to preserve the color and its looks over the years, make sure it’s applied with oil regularly.


Finding the best outdoor hot tub for Australian conditions should be an informed and well-thought-out decision. Choosing the best outdoor hot tub can be daunting, given that you’ll be investing time and money. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you should find it easier to make the best decision for your needs. Consider the factors discussed above when choosing a hot tub, and if by chance you’ve decided to go with a wood hot tub, you may want to check out our products at Shym Saunas.

We provide hot tubs, saunas, and accessories to complete your spa setup, so you can ultimately enjoy endless relaxation in the comfort of your backyard.

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